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We are delighted and excited to share the news of a collaborative venture between the iconic restaurant Rochelle Canteen in London E2, and  the well-known Christchurch venue Gatherings on Thursday  11th April. Alex Davies (Gatherings) and Hector Henderson (Rochelle Canteen) will be cooking in the celebrated London restaurant which recently celebrated its 20th birthday.
The kiwi founder of the establishment, Margot Henderson , is a legend within the world of hospitality in London and beyond. Hector Henderson ,(Margot’s son) worked alongside Alex at Gatherings in the early days of the restaurant and now runs the kitchenRochelle Canteen as Head Chef. Both Hector and Alex cannot wait to work in the creative cuisine space together again.
It is a huge accolade to be invited to take Gatherings into this space in London and we feel very privileged.
If you live in London or even elsewhere in the UK,  you may want to consider coming along on the 11th yourself. Alternatively, if you have someone there who misses home, let them know too. Tell your mates. We’re really very excited about this.

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