Firstly I would like to say firstly say a huge thank you to my family who have supported me in this project and to my mum who introduced me to organics from a very young age. Mum and Dad you have installed a sense of environmental activism and of conscious consumption by educating me from a young age and without this sense none of what I do would happen.


To my beautiful Bryony Matthews and new born daughter Hazel Davies who has supported me through this whole process and continues to back me and beleive in everything I do. Thank you and I love you.


I would like to personally and massively thank Gianni and Lorraine of Field to to Feast, for the past year and a half they have fed me given me vegetables and shared their insight and part of the world with me through rain and shine. I am eternally grateful for the experience this has given me and for the path it has taken me on. Gatherings would not of been conceived or be as it is today without your help, and philosophical conversations out in the fields for this I will be forever grateful.  You guys work harder then anyone I’ve ever met and what you do to the land is  stunning and hugely inspiring.


To all other farmers that honour the earth and protect it on a daily basis to the farmers that can’t take breaks and that work from sunrise to sunset in order to put food on our plates. To the hard days spent grafting to keep things organic and keep things real, thank you. Organics are the future and you guys are the innovators. The world needs you now more then ever and I urge you to support organic growers at farmers markets wherever you can.


To Tim Mc Girk who took on this project with a new born child, thank you, your work and thought process that has gone into your  the fit out, and your use of recyled timber is so amazing.


To everyone that has backed me and supported me during this time between my last restaurant and now or lent me kitchen space or generally just helped me out, Space Academy, Aliesha Mc Gilligan, Michael Smith, Town Tonic, Pegasus Bay, Angela Clifford, Black Estate, Giulio Sturla, Lyttleton Coffee Co , Bear Lion, Plant Gang, RDU 98.5, Nostalgia Festival, Neat Places, Ruff n Tumble, Rama Tree, NayHauss, James Graves Opie, Food Design Institute, Morning Magpie, Otakaro Orchard, FESTA, TED X, Societe Magazine, Orphans Kitchen, Luca Prozac, Winefolk, XCHCH, Gap Filler, Canterbury Cheese Mongers, Andy Mason, Ben Jeffery, Micheal Lett Gallery, Eat Here Now, Jeremey Rameka, Coffee Supreme, The Auricle, Brown Bread. It has been a truly collaborative effort and without the support of all of you I would of fallen so thank you all. If there is anyone I have forgotten I’m sorry, there has just been so many of you all helping here and there!


And lastly  thank you the guest, thank you for coming to visit me, thank you for supporting me and the farmers through me, thank you to anyone who has come to any Gatherings events and who has given me advice and support. Please continue to do so, the New Zealand Food Scene only continues to grow and flourish when you the guests back it and support it in anyway you can.





Alex Davies.

Chef/Owner Gatherings.